50+ Best Free Online Movie Streaming sites No Sign Up To Stream Movies Online Free

Movies are such thing which everyone likes to watch with their loved ones when they are free. Also, movies are such source which brings everyone together for a moment. So when it comes to watching movies, most people like to watch it online free from best free streaming movie sites as you can get your favorite movies for free. Most of the people don’t like to go to theatre for watching movies because of the pricings and timing and also the seats are not that comfortable like the ones from your house. Also, as it is the era of internet and everything is moving online, so why not stream movies online free from your home.


The best advantage of streaming movies online from some of the free movie streaming websites is that you may also be able to download it on your device. As most of the free online movies streaming are connected with Torrent, so they also provide the download link of the movie and that too in HD quality. Here in this article, you will get all the lists of free online streaming movies sites where you can stream movies online for free. These free online movie streaming websites are very simple and supports on every device which you can connect even on your smart TV. you may also like best free tv streaming sites to watch tv series online.

Before you enter this huge free movie sites article just take a look this table where we also create a huge list of Free movie streaming sites to watch free movies online. Just take look of this table:

List of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2022

As recently mentioned, there are many free movies online without downloading but most of them contain a lot of ads, which can ruin your movie watching experience. Also, it is hard to find movies-on-demand on most online movie streaming free websites.

As I said most but not all of them; thus, we managed to list out some of good free movie streaming sites where you can watch watch movies online free full movie. Comparatively, the shared websites are best in terms of available movies collection, better support to users, the movie streaming options in terms of streaming quality, less-ads on the website and many other features on the website.

So, want to experience watch free streaming movies online just do not waste time looking for the best online movie streaming portal, as you easily can find them in below.

Lists of free movie streaming sites no sign up | free movies online streaming:

  1. Crackle: Crackle is one of the most popular free online movies streaming sites which is also powered by Sony. The layout of the website is cool with all the important links placed on a correct place and the interface is very simple and you can use it smoothly. In the homepage of the website, you will find many categories like Spotlight channel, Sony Crackle originals, Comedy channels, Fendom channels etc. So you can click on any of the category to stream your favorite Shows or series. You can also directly stream it from the home page as you are getting slides of different shows.

Click on the movies Category on the navigation bar of the website and you will get all the popular movies on the list. So click on the poster of the movie you wanted to stream, and then click on the Play button in the video bar and the start streaming. While streaming you can also rate the movie or TV shows by giving Like or Dislike. The only flaw of this website is that you must make sure that you are having a good internet connection, as this website takes a lot of time to load the content. So visit the website by Click Here.

  1. Vudu: Vudu is a premium free movies online streaming site to stream your favorite movies or TV shows on your device in HD and 4K resolution. Well Vudu also have an Android and iOS application which you can download, so that you can stream your favorite movies on the go on your device. In the homepage you will get some few categories like Featured Films, Featured Rentals, Weekend Deals, Popular on Vudu and much more. Well, this website has both free and premium collections of movies which you can stream on HD quality. For premium movies you would need to pay some $4.99 per movie.

To watch movies online free, simply sign in to the website and then you can click on the movie poster and then start streaming. You can also click on the TV option on the navigation bar to stream your favorite TV channels on this website for free. Also, if you want you can list down your own movies on this website for free. Visit the website by Click Here.

  1. Topdocumentaryfilms: With the name itself you might have known that this website is all about documentary movies. But the interesting part is that this website not only has documentary movies, but it also has all the pother genre English movies which you can stream for free. Well this website is not like the Vudu website, which means you can get access to the whole database of the website for free. The interface of the website is similar to some other popular blog on the internet. In the right side bar of the website you will be able to select the genre of the movie, also you can check out the recently added movies and the highly rated movies.

Well there are three categories in the navigation bar of the website, so to stream simply click on the Browse category, or you can also check out the List & Top 100 movies of this website. Like the other typical online streaming website here also you can read the summary of the movies and also you can directly share it to your friends on social media platform. Click Here to visit this amazing website directly.

  1. BoxTV: Well till now you have come through three online streaming website which only has English movies in their collection. Well if you love to stream all language movies like Hindi, English, Tamil etc. then this is the website you should pick. The layout of this website is slightly similar to the Crackle website with all the slider and Movies, TV section in the header section. In the homepage itself you will find lots of movie listed in different categories like Bollywood Blockbuster, Horror movies, Hindi Dubbed English, South ka Punch and many more. Also you will find lots of categories in the navigation bar like English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali etc. so you can select any language which type of movie you want to stream for free.

Like the other streaming website, here also simply click on the poster of the movie and then click on the Play Button and the start streaming. The only flaws about this website are that you don’t get any filter option like Genre, Release year and much more. Yes, you get social share option without any doubt.

  1. Hulu: Hulu is a premium online streaming site just like the Netflix. Here you will need to pay $7.99 as monthly subscription, as this is legal website and will cause you no issue. Well the website is not so pricy as compared to the features that it is providing. If you are a real fan of streaming movies and you stream most of the time online then you can have this website subscribed. In this website you will not only find your favorite movies to stream, but you will also get your favorite TV shows, Live TV channels, Sports channels and much more.

So you are getting bundles of entertainment in one package. You will be able to stream your favorite shows or movies in HD quality and that too with no annoying popup ads. Coming to the features, you will even get Hulu exclusive series that you would love to stream. The best part is that you can use your Hulu account on any of your device let it be phone, PC or your Television. Click Here to visit this website on the go.

  1. Yahoo Movies: You may know Yahoo only as a internet search engine, but they also have their own platform where you can stream movies for free. The interface of the website is very simple, you can get use to it soon after visiting it few times. In this website you get both movies and TV series in the database which you can stream online. You can search your favorite movies that you want to stream by selecting the genre of the movie like Action & Adventure, Anime, Comedy etc.

In the header section of the website you will also get different categories like Comedy, anime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama and much more. So simply click on the categories and you will get movies and TV series of the genre you have selected. Most of its movie collection is from Hulu, so you will be getting almost the same features are you get in Hulu while streaming your favorite movies. Visit the website and stream your favorite movies by Clicking Here.

  1. 123movies: When it comes on streaming movies online, then 123movies is one of the best online streaming to stream your favorite movies or TV shows for free. The only flaws is that you will only get to stream English movies and TV series. This website has the highest movie collection among all, you will find all types of movies on this website and you can filter the result by Genre and also by the release date of the movie. You can stream any movies from this website in HD quality with ease.

Also you can check out the star rating of the movie before streaming it simply by taking the pointer on the movie poster. The best part about this website is that you don’t need to adjust the resolution manually, the website automatically judge your internet connection and give you the best resolution possible with no buffer. Yes, like the other streaming website you can also read story of the movie and also leave comments if you have like the movie or not after streaming. Visit the website Click Here to full access.

  1. CartoonHD: This is another most popular online movie streaming sites among all with the same layout as the Box TV. In the header section on the website you will get category like movies, TV shows, Live sports and featured. You don’t need to perform any kind of registration to stream your favorite movies or TV series.

The best features of this site is that, if you are adventuring new movies then you can first check out the trailer other than directly streaming the movies which may not be your type. Speaking about the homepage of this site, you will find lists of movies and series listed in different categories like New TV episodes, Trending series & movies, Popular on Cartooon HD and much more. So visit this website and Click Here.

  1. Voot: Voot is an Indian based online free movies streaming website to stream your favorite TV shows and cinemas. This website is mainly for the TV series, as in India there are lots of popular TV series, so even though if you can stream movies, but you will get minimum collection of movies. So if you are a fan of Indian Tv shows and dramas then this website is a must have. The best part is that this website also has an application for both Android and iOS device, you can download it for free.

There are no ads in the website, also while streaming any videos on HD you will not be annoyed by the ads. Streaming procedure is same like the other streaming website, click on the poster and start streaming for free. Visit the website by Clicking Here.

  1. Classic Cinema Online: When it comes to the features of this website, this is similar to the Voot website. The only difference is that you will get all the English movies and TV series whereas on Voot you will get all Hindi movies and TV series. In the homepage of the website you will get all the list of TV shows and movies which are not playing. Scroll down the website you can also read articles by going to the blog section of the website.

Also, this website is only for those who like to stream classic English movies, so if you are looking for latest movies then this website is not meant for you. You will find all the latest collection for 20s which is very good collections for all the classic viewers. Like the other streaming website, here also it is very easy to stream on this, simply click on the post and start streaming the movie on the go. Visit the website on the go, Click Here.

  1. Yidio: Yidio is a premium looking website or in other words it is a hub for all the movie lovers. Here in this website you can enjoy movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime and similar 100+ services at the same place. You can also enjoy TV shows which are available to watch. Even they have also live TV streaming feature too which is a welcome future for all.

So, it doesn’t matter what you want to watch along with the movies, you will get everything at a same place. Once you click on any movie or TV show poster, you will get the information like story, cast, total number of seasons and episodes, genre and much more. Yidio also comes in app version which you can download and enjoy movies, TV shows and Live TV right on your smartphone. Click here to visit their official website.

  1. Veoh: Veoh is not only a movie streaming site but also a community. Here you can create your profile, add your interests, make friends as well message them too. Apart from tons of movies they will also offer you videos like trailer and clips to watch and enjoy. Well, that not it, they also have dedicated music section where you can enjoy music of different genres like Rock, Jazz, Latin, Folk, Classical, Metal, Pop and much more.

You can also add your own videos and share there. There are even channels just like YouTube of different types where you can choose and enjoy. You can also be the part of their forum community which is growing and really active to interact with others or for having a discussion on some movie or anything. So, without wasting more time have a visit on their website by clicking here.

  1. Tubi TV: If you are searching for a simple website to watch online movies then Tubi TV is a great platform for you. For enjoying unlimited free video contents all you have to do is to register a free account and you are good to go. They have a bundle of movies as well TV shows too which you can enjoy without paying subscription or hidden charges.

They have thousand hours of free entertainment ready to stream which includes studios like Lionsgate, Paramount, Starz, MGM and much more. One of the best feature of Tubi TV is you can use this platform on your Android, Apple TV, iOS powered smartphone, Amazon fire TV, Xbox, Samsung and Sony Smart TV, Playstation and also on web version. Click here to visit the Tubi TV site and register an account to get started as soon as possible.

  1. Movies Co: Another typical movie streaming site on this list which also again not disappoint you for sure. It has the collection of all the latest released movies ready to stream in HD quality. Although the latest movies are available in Cam definition for some obvious reason. But still you can enjoy movies for free at home and save a lot of money.

Just like most of the sites mentioned above, Movie Co also offer TV series option where you can stream enjoy TV shows and serials for free in HD Format. If you are a big fan of anthologies and pentalogy then they have a dedication for that too where you will get big titles like Lord of the Rings, Terminator, Matrix and Alien. You can visit their official website by simply clicking here.

  1. Retrovision Classic Movies: From the name you can have an idea that here you are going to get some classic movies. Yes, let us clarify from the beginning that here you are not going to get latest released movies or trending movies which are available on most of the sites available mentioned before. But still if you want to try some classic hits then this is a must visit website for you.

There are lots of movies available from adventure, comedy, classic TV, Cartoons, Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Westerns, War and much more. On the drop down itself it will suggest you which movies are available to watch start streaming with their inbuilt video player. Along with the movies you can also enjoy TV shows here to which is a welcome addition. Click here to visit and enjoy thousands of movies on Retrovision website.

  1. Watch Free: The name of the website is saying that here you can enjoy video for free. Yes, this is a must visit movie streaming sites where you will get movies of different categories like Action, Comedy, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, fantasy, Biography, Romance, Animation, Musical and all the common categories. They also have dedicated menu options like Popular Movies, Latest Movies, HD movies and Top 100 to browse and find a suitable movie for your need.

And yes, it has TV series streaming option too. You can use their search option which is given on the top right corner to find movies quickly. All you have to do is click on any movie or TV series to load the video player and stream any movie or TV show right away without any issues. Click here to visit their website now.

  1. M4ufree: This is a simple looking website but with some extraordinary features. Once you visit their website you will see only two menu option which includes Movies and TV Shows. Below that they have 3 options New Movies, New Episodes and 2021 Movies. The main reason behind keeping the design and user interface clear is to make things easier for the users to browse and find movies or TV shows. Yes, nothing new mentions this site also provide TV shows to enjoy watching.

There are different quality options like HD, HD Rip, Cam and others. So, you will know what quality you are getting beforehand. After clicking on any movie or TV series poster, immediately a video player will be loaded with a play button and few server options to choose from. So, click here and enjoy movies on this amazing website today.

  1. Movies Found Online: It is a clean looking website with simple options all over the site. It has a detailed menu which includes Movies, Short Films, Documentaries, Animations, Series and Shows, Comedy, Viral Videos and much more. So, if you are looking for any short film which will save your time then here are lots of available options to enjoy. In case you have kids, then animation option is there for many popular titles. Even there viral video section is also very useful to watch clips to make you laugh.

Below the menu they have some dedicated sections like most viewed videos, Recent full movies, recent short movies, latest animations, latest series and shows , latest viral videos and even standup comedy shows too which will surely make you laugh. Click here to visit the Movies found online website.

  1. Archive: Archive is simple web directory where movies and TV shows are available to stream online. Many people already know about this site but very people are unaware about its huge directory of videos like feature films, shot format films, comedy films, silent films, horror, sci-fi and much more. Each of these categories has thousands of videos to watch and enjoy for free. Do you know you can even watch movie trailers too here on this same website?

Even they also provide stock footage for the video editing purpose especially for the YouTubers. So, you can have an idea how big this platform is for video contents which includes movies obviously. Just click on any movie or category and you will detail information including star cats details, run time, director, and year of release and much more along with the dedicated video player. Click here to visit and enjoy movies online for free.

  1. CMoviesHD: This site is quite similar to Fmovies website which has plenty of available options which you always wish to have on any movie streaming website. From latest movies to TV series you have all the available options to watch. Like all the sites mentioned above you can enjoy every single contents of this website for free without any hidden subscriptions. You can sort movies by Alphabetically from A to Z letters, choose by IMDb ratings, genre, country of release, release year etc.

Another unique feature of this website is, there is one dedicated request section where you can ask for movies or TV shows which you would like watch. They will surely look at it and add it soon. Talking about the quality of the videos, the latest movies come in Cam quality and the older movies come in HD quality. Click here to visit CmoviesHD site and watch movies online.

  1. SolarMovies: Talking about solarmovies, it has some amazing features and movies of every single genre you like to watch. Starting from movies to TV shows it has everything. From the menu itself you can choose whether you want to watch a movie or popular TV series easily. There are lots of movies and TV shows which are added daily, which means fresh contents every day for you.

Just like the previous site, it also has the request section where you can request any specific movie or TV series you like to watch. You can also look on which movies are coming on this same site easily using their dedicated option. All the movies and TV shows are available in HD so you don’t have to compromise with quality at all. So, click here to visit their official website.

  1. Free Movies Cinema: The name of the site itself saying that all the movies available in this site are completely free and you don’t need to pay any subscription at all. From short films, classic hits to popular movies, here you will get everything. There are many sub categories like action, adventure, animation, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, thriller, war and many more to choose and enjoy movies anytime you want.

For the best movies browse through the Movie of the month section which is placed on the below section the homepage. These all movies have good ratings and watched by most of the users too. You can tweak the video quality from 720p to 1080p depending on your requirement or internet speed. Click here to visit their official website and enjoy free movies without any ad breaks.

  1. Creepy classics online: Well, if you are a horror movie addict and always look for some creepy horror movies then this is the perfect stop for you. Creepy Classics Online is a dedicated portal for streaming and watching online for free. There are lots of movies on the homepage itself available to watch instantly. This website is updated on the daily basis that means fresh contents every day.

It has a features section on the menu where you can choose horror, Sci-Fi and silent. We are pretty sure you will have nightmares for sure if you get addicted to this site for a long time. There is one blog section too where you can read articles related to horror movies creepy stuff which is plus point of this site too. Click here to visit this creepy website and start watching now.

  1. Watchmoviesfree: This is the last website on this list of best online movie streaming websites and do not underestimate this site as it is placed on the last position. Once you visit on this site you will see a dedicated menu with options like Popular, Action, Comedy, Horror etc. There is one genre section which is dedicated to choose your preferred category of movies. You can also choose the movies by country wise as per your wish.

All the popular movies are placed on the slider on the homepage from where you can choose and start watching. And like most of the sites mentioned earlier, here you can also watch all the TV series easily for free. So, without wasting much time, click here and visit this website and enjoy latest and popular movies or TV shows whatever you need.

  1. HouseMovie: This website is similar to the 123movies website; you can say this is one of the best alternatives of the 123movies website. The only difference you will in the HouseMovie website is that, this website has got green and white color which really attracts the user. Coming to the collection of the movie, this website has one of the best collections of both Hindi & English movies to stream for free. Like most of the other online streaming website, this also has article category to read articles of your favorite movie.

You can check out the IMDB rating, viewers review of the movie on the poster of the movie before streaming it. The best part is that you can also check out the movies which are upcoming on the website. Click on the poster to stream your favorite movies or TV series, just like you do on other online streaming website. Click Here to visit the website from your device.

  1. Vimeo: With the simple layout and easy interface, this is another online streaming website which you can use to stream your favorite Hollywood movies on your device for free. Here you will not find so many movies, but you can get popular documentary movies which you can stream. Also there are many movies which is made only for this website dedicated, so if you want to explore the world of movies with streaming different movies everyday then this is one of the best website you can rely on.

To play any movie online click on the play button on the poster of the movie and you are all ready to stream. Also you can comment, follow the channel and also you can share what you are streaming right now. So with all these interesting features, this website has made its position in the list of the best online streaming movie website. Click Here to visit the website directly.

  1. HugeMoviesHD: With the dark theme, this website looks very attractive. Also, this website has high range of movie collection in its database which you can stream for free online. This is legally one of the best online streaming website which means you don’t need to use any kind of VPN tool to use or stream online movies from this website. In the homepage you will get different section where all the movies are listed categorically like Random movies and Different Movies.

You can sort the result of the movies by selecting the Genre of the movie, Release year of the movie and also the Quality of the movie. Like the other website here also you can rate the movie after streaming it, read the summary of the movie before streaming it and you can also check out the IMDB rating and the votes for the movie. Like most of the website, this also provides only Hollywood movies to stream. So if you are huge fan of English movies then this is the must go website for you. Visit this amazing website by Clicking Here.

  1. YouTube Movies: Well YouTube is no longer online video streaming website, but officially YouTube has also launched its movies channel. So in this channel you will be able to stream your favorite movies online whenever you want to. The only issue is that, it really take times for movies to come in YouTube and most of the movie are not for free.

But as the interface is super easy and everyone is very familiar with the interface of YouTube, this website is being mentioned in the list. Well talking about the collections, this website has all Hindi, English, Tamil etc. language movies. Also in some of the movie you can get subtitle for better understanding. Click Here and visit the website.

  1. Putlockers: The layout of this website looks pretty similar to the HouseMovie website with all the important links on the header section of the website. In the homepage you will get two categories where movies are listed and they are Features movies and Movies. In the Featured Movies section you will get all the movies that are popular and is streamed most of the time.

The most interesting features about this website is that you can sort the movie result in alphabetical order by selecting the alphabets. Or if you are unable to find out your favorite movies to stream then you can request to the website admin to get the movie. We are sure you will get reply in minimum time and you will be able to stream your favorite movies for free. Visit this amazing website directly by Clicking Here.

  1. GoMovies: With country selecting features this website comes in the sixteenth position on our list of best online movies streaming website. Well in this website you can not only stream movie, but you can also stream TV series for free according to you country. There are more than 8 countries to select from. The only flaw of this website is that in the homepage you will get all movies and TV series randomly placed.

Some of the amazing feature that this website has is Dark Theme mode which you can turn ON if you are fed up with white default theme. Also yes, there are categories like Top IMDB, A-z list, Genre and country in the website which you can select according to what you need. Like the Putlockers website you also get the request feature to request any movies on the website’s movie collection. Click Here to visit this amazing website.

  1. Movies123: This is one of the best alternatives of the GOmovies website. As this website has the similar interface and has almost the same collections of movies. The only difference is that this website uses dark theme as default theme, and in GoMovies you get the Dark theme feature as optional. Like other online streaming website here also you don’t need to register on this website for online streaming.

Simply select the Genre or the Release Year of the movie to find out your favorite movie on the go. In the Release year you can select from 1999-2016 which is a vast collections. Or if you know what you are searching for then you can also directly search the movie name in the search engine of the website. Almost every movies in this website are available in HD, only the movies which are recently released will be available in HD cam print. SO visit this amazing website by Clicking Here.

  1. Movie4K: This is one of the simplest online streaming website from our list that you can bookmark on your website. With the dark background and simple slider of movies, this is one of the best website to stream online movies. There are no disturbing ads which you may get on some of the websites. The issue is that you cannot access this websites from countries like India due to geographical banned. But you can use VPN tools to check out this website is you are unable to access this website at ones.

In the homepage of the website you will get two section where movies are placed that is Newly released and Recently added. So if you have liked any of the movies from these two sections then you can simply click on it and start streaming. Yes, in the sidebar you also get Genre, Release Year and quality selector of the movies which you can select and filter the result of the movies. Visit the website by Clicking Here.

  1. Movies Planet: Movies planet also has the collection of both movies and TV series. In the homepage you will get movies and TV shows are listed in different categories like Features, Top viewed Today, Trending, Random movies, Popular series and much more. Here each and every TV shows are available to stream in HD. Also, you will find that most of the TV series here are completed.

In the header section you also get to select the Genre movies, Genre TV shows, Movies and also there is a request features. Like the other streaming website they also let you read the summary of the movie, IMDB rating and also the visitors vote on the movie. Click Here and visit the website directly from here.

  1. Fmovies: This is another online movie streaming website which you can use to stream your favorite movies on your device. You can access this website on every device like on your TV, Phone and on your PC, as this website is familiar with every platform. But this website may be banned on some countries, so you would better use VPN tool on your device to be safe while streaming movies.

Like other website you are getting both movies and TV series in the website’s collection. The best feature of this website is Release features which will tell you which movies are going to release on which date. So basically you are having a movie calendar on your device from this website. Click Here to visit the website.

  1. Snagfilms: Unlike other movie streaming sites, Snagfilms offers movies of different types. You won’t find regular movies which are trending nowadays but some handpicked movies which you are going to like for sure. Along with some great movies they also provide Shows which are ready to watch and you can enjoy. On the homepage, there is one slideshow and different movies categories showcased which you can pick and start watching.

The different movie categories includes Explore the world, Refugee and Immigrant stories, Before they were stars, History Lessons, Climate change and the environment, Celebrate pride, Sports, Veterans and military and much more. They do update these categories and also add new movies in every genre frequently. You can hover over any movie poster and get the basic information easily. Click here to visit their official website and enjoy tons of free movies.

  1. FMovies: A well-known name in free movie streaming site category which you are going to find useful for sure. Once you visit this website, we are pretty sure that you will save a lot of money by not going to movie theatres anymore. They have all the latest Hollywood movies on their database which are ready to stream for free. After landing on the homepage there you can see a slideshow showcasing latest movies which are released and running on theatres.

Similar to a typical online movie website, they have all the movie genres like action, comedy, thriller, horror, drama, sci-fi, crime, fantasy, romance, animation, sport, war and much more. You can also sort by movie release year and release country which is very handy to find out movie which are looking for.. Click here to visit FMovies official website.

  1. Hotstar: If you are from India, then you must have heard about Hotstar which is among the top video streaming portal available both for free and paid. Yes, Hotstar as some great collection of movies which are completely free to watch and enjoy. Not only Movies but you can also enjoy all the major Sports and even know live scores for free. You can undoubtedly call it as an one in all portal for those users have interest in movies and sports as well.

And yes, if you are a big fan of TV series and shows then here you can watch them too without any issues and for free. They also have app version of Hotstar which are available for both Android and iOS smartphones using which you can enjoy the contents on the go anywhere you want and whenever you want. Click here to visit Hotstar official website.

  1. HDOnline: Similar to FMovies site which is mentioned above, HDOnline is also a great online free movie streaming site which provides all the latest and trending movies for free. They have a simple and easy user interface and many available genres where you pick your preferred one and choose any movie to watch online. You can also pick movies by choosing country and they will showcase a bundle of available movies along with all the necessary details you need before watching any movie.

And yes they have TV series streaming option too where you can pick your favorite series and start watching there without any ad breaks or any other interruptions. Recently they have also added one news section where you can read news related to movies, TV shows and all the entertaining stuff which is great to have. Click here to visit their official website now.

  1. PopcornFlix: In simple words, Popcornflix is a professional looking movie streaming website here you can watch movies for free and without any ad breaks and any other issues. Unlike most of the online movie streaming sites they don’t offer ads or anything similar which may hamper your entertainment. Talking about their features, they have all the good films collection which are really made to watch. On the homepage itself they have simplified the process to find your favorite movie by giving categories like New arrivals, Most popular, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy and so on.

We highly recommend you to visit their website and click on directory option which is present on the menu to find your favorite contents in an easy way. You can also use the search option to find movies easily within few seconds. Click here to visit Popcornflix official website.

  1. Spuul: Very few people know this website for free movie streaming online. If you are among those then you must visit the Spuul website to get movies in High Definition. On the homepage itself they have showcased all the popular movie titles specially Bollywood movies which you can watch right away without paying a single penny. They have simple menu consisting of Discover and Browse option here you can click and find you desired movies.

They have a dedicated search option too on the top right section using which finding movies will be easier for you. Along with the movies poster and quality option they also offer all the necessary information of a movie like name of the director, ratings, star cast, and storyline and run time too. Click here to visit the amazing Spuul website to enjoy free HD movies online.

Use VPN Services To Watch Free Movie Streaming sites:

No movies are meant to be free if it is legal movie streaming site and a license verified movie. Hence, you might see many free online movie watching sites but after a time it won’t be available. Or the active free websites are wont be accessible, as most of the free movie streaming sites are blocked by regional authorities and mobile carrier. Without using manual IP server, you can not watch movies from the free movie streaming websites.

So, there is a good chance below shared free movie streaming websites could be inaccessible because of IP block. Well, no need to worry, using VPN service, you can overcome IP restriction and browse all of the mentioned online streaming movies sites from below.

There are a lot of free VPN services for your Smartphone and PC. Hence, you can download them without spending the money. Using a VPN service, it will adopt a different IP from other countries and there will no more restriction browsing a free movie streaming website. You can also add an extension for your PC browser like Hola VPN, which is very reliable. Hola automatically scans working IP for a blocked website and let you get into the website.


So, these are the best 40 free movie streaming sites available online which you can choose and enjoy your favorite movies online. All these sites are tested by us and they all work just fine for us without any major issues. Though some of the sites may have some minor issues like ad popups or redirections but still you can enjoy your favorite stuffs for sure. Most of the above mentioned sites do provide TV series option which is a plus point for you. And some of them have a dedicated app version for both iOS and iPhone which makes these sites portable and you can carry your own entertainment wherever you want and wherever you want. So, without any further delay just pick any of these sites and enjoy hours of entertainment for free without any monthly subscription or hidden fees. Do share this huge list of sites with you friends so that they can enjoy too.

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